Illinois Lutheran offers both a three-year-old and a four-year-old preschool program. The three-year-old program meets in the morning, three days per week and works to develop social skills and basic knowledge skills as well as just learning how to go to school. For three and four-year-olds, we offer a morning only or full day program for five days a week. This program develops both the academic and social skills needed for a successful kindergarten and school experience. Take a moment to review the preschool handbook, preschool schedule and school supply list.

Preschool Curriculum Guide

Illinois Lutheran Preschool provides a strong academic preschool experience that prepares children for a successful transition to school. We are very excited to help students grow spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. This leads our preschool to do different types of activities to address the many abilities and learning styles of the students. The activities are designed to address the spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students.

The children will learn about God’s love for them and all people through 48 Old and New Testament Bible stories. The children will also learn how each of those stories applies to their lives.

Children learn to use their bodies and minds as they play. Through role playing and the children’s free play periods, their experiences will be broadened. The children will be provided with many experiences involving their senses, the God-given doors of perception, which open worlds for the child.

Basic Mathematical Skills
The children will learn basic mathematical skills including number recognition, recognizing and continuing simple patterns, and recognizing shapes. They will practice counting by rote to 100 and they will be able to count objects to 20.

Reading Readiness
The children will learn capital and lowercase letter recognition and letter sounds. They will be able to identify beginning sounds of words and rhyming words. They will also be introduced to letter writing.

Social Studies
The children will have an understanding of their lives as part of God’s creation with theme emphasis on Me, My Family, My Neighborhood, and My World.

Children will learn to use their gift of voice. They will sing praises to their Creator as well as learn fun songs.

The children will participate in age-appropriate art and craft activities each session. The activities will be of an instructional and creative nature.

The children will learn the wonders of God’s creation through scientific observation and exploration geared to the interest and experience of young children.

Field Trips
Field trips are also a part of our curriculum. Each field trip is taken in order to expand the child’s knowledge and awareness of the world.