Chromebook Initiative FAQ

What is the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative?
Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, Illinois Lutheran Junior High and High School became a 1:1 Chromebook school to create a technology-rich environment for both teaching and learning. What this means is that every student in grades 7-12 will need to have a Chromebook for use in classes. We are very excited with the educational possibilities this program will provide.

Illinois Lutheran Elementary School  has roughly 60 Chromebooks for grades 3-6 to share and 30 Nexus 7 tablets for Pre-2 to share.

Do I need to buy a Chromebook for my student?
All students in the Junior High/High School will either need to purchase a Chromebook through the school or you may purchase your own. We suggest a screen size no bigger than 12 inches. Larger Chromebooks just don’t fit well on their desks or in their lockers.

How much will it cost?
Call the office at 708-672-3262 to find out the cost of a new Chromebook There will be an additional fee to add the Google Administration Console that all Chromebooks need to have installed.

If you purchase your own Chromebook you will still need to pay an administration console/install fee.

Do I need to buy a case?
Since you will be using your Chromebook for many years it is highly encouraged to get some type of sleeve or case for your Chromebook. Taking them in and out of your lockers and backpacks can cause damage very quickly.

Do I need to buy anything for use with the Chromebook?
If a student wishes to use a mouse instead of the Chromebook trackpad, they will have to provide their own USB wired or wireless mouse. The students will also have to provide their own earbuds to use with the Chromebook when listening to audio on the Chromebook.

It is highly encouraged that you purchase insurance either through ILS or on your own. You can contact the office at 708-672-3262 to learn more about Chromebook insurance offered at the school.

Do I have to use the Chromebook in class?
Our plan is to create device uniformity across the school allowing for the technology to benefit the classroom rather than the technology impeding the education. For this reason, all students will be required to use their Chromebook in class. It is the student’s responsibility to have their Chromebook fully charged and ready for use throughout the day.

Can I use my own laptop?
There are some online classes that you may need to use your own laptop to install the needed software. If this is the case just let us know so you can get on the network safely.

Can I take the Chromebook home?
Only if you are in the Junior High/High School are you able to bring it home. Please remember that there is a filter that follows your Chromebook anywhere it goes, and if you try to wipe the device it will not let you log in until the school has re-enrolled the device.

What happens if I break my Chromebook?
ILS offers insurance that must be purchased. This is an accidental damage policy and has no deductible with it.

What is being done to keep my child safe online?
Using the Google Management Console and a program called Securly, we will monitor and block websites and suspicious activity while the students use the Chromebook. This protection will be in place whether the student is at school or at home. If there is ever a site you would like unblocked please just let us know and we’ll look into it.