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2/19/18 – 2/25/18

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ChristLight Lessons

After the time of the Judges, the Israelites were led by many prophets.  One of the major prophets during this time was Samuel.  Because she was barren, Samuel’s mother prayed for a child.  When the high priest notices her praying, he talks with her about her prayer.  Eventually, he tells her that she would have a son.  In turn, she promises to dedicate that young boy to the service of the church.  When she is blessed with that son, she keeps her promise and brings the young boy named Samuel to the high priest named Eli at the Tabernacle.  Samuel serves Eli in various capacities, studies God’s Word while serving Eli.  Eli’s sons were also serving as priests at the Tabernacle, and they were very dishonest.  Eli did very little to move his sons toward honest behavior.  So, God calls Samuel and tells him to tell Eli that punishment would be coming on his family because of the sinfulness of his sons.  A young Samuel shares this message, and God brings the message to completion when the two sons are killed in battle, and Eli dies when he hears the news.  The week’s first lesson is Hannah and Samuel as taken from 1 Samuel chapters 1, 2, and 3.  The second lesson is Eli and His Wicked Sons from 1 Samuel chapters 2 and 4.  As you have opportunity this week, please feel free to review these lessons with your child or children.

Open House 

Do you know anyone who might be interested in attending Illinois Lutheran Grade School? On Sunday, February 25 from 1 – 3 PM, ILS will be hosting its annual Winter Open House at the grade school. Prospective families will hear a special presentation by our principal, tour our campus, and meet our teachers. This is a wonderful opportunity for new families to learn more about our school and the benefits of an Illinois Lutheran education. For more information, please contact Mr. Scott Sievert.

Call News

The Board of Directors recently issued Calls for the vacant positions here at ILS. Here are the latest updates:

– Mrs. Rebecca Jahns has accepted the Call to serve in the English and Drama department at the Junior High/High School.

– Mr. James Ott has returned the Call to teach in our math department at the Junior High/High School.

We thank the Lord for filling some of our vacancies at the Elementary School and Jr. High School.

As well, Pastor Bentz of Trinity has accepted his Call to serve as Associate Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Belle Plaine, MN. This means that our fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Bentz, will be leaving ILS after this school year. We pray for God’s blessings to the Bentz family as they transition to their new congregation in Minnesota. 

No School – Teacher Conference

There is no school on Thursday, Feb. 22 and Friday, Feb. 23 due to Teacher Conferences. School resumes on Monday, Feb. 26

Illinois Lutheran Early Registration

Early Registration materials have been mailed. The Early Registration fee for the 2018-2019 school year is $200 per child for grades kindergarten thru 12th grade, if the fee is paid before March 23, 2018. After March 23, the registration fee will be $300 per child. The preschool registration fee is $70 and will not change after the deadline.

A few points to highlight:

  • Tuition rates will be approved by the Delegates at their annual meeting on February 15, 2018. They are included in your registration mailing.
  • Our Need-Based Financial Assistance applications are available online through FACTS.
  • It is essential that returning families apply for financial assistance before Friday, May 4, 2018. This is the cutoff date. We cannot guarantee that you will be considered for financial assistance unless you do so before this date.
  • Your child/children must be registered for the 2018-2019 school year before applying for financial assistance.

Register Online (Transaction Fee Applies)

Login to FACTS to Apply for Financial Assistance

Illinois Lutheran Preschool Registration 

Registration for the 2018-2019 school year has opened. Our preschool program will now offer a five day a week, full day, and half day option, as well as a three day/half day option for three year olds. Please note that if you are a member at Trinity, Zion, or Amazing Love, you will have priority registration for preschool until February 26. On that date, preschool registration will be open to the public. If you are interested in learning more, contact Mr. Scott Sievert at 708-672-5969.

Illinois Lutheran Kindergarten Roundup

Is your child ready for Kindergarten?  Attending Kindergarten Roundup might help you decide.  Illinois Lutheran Schools is inviting any children that will be turning 5 by September 1 to our Roundup. Parents will have an opportunity to learn more about Kindergarten readiness and requirements.  Prospective students will have a chance to meet the teacher and student aide, work together with prospective classmates, and experience a typical day in the life of a Kindergartner.  There are two sessions to choose from:

                             Monday, March 19, from 9:00-10:45a.m.


                             Monday, March 19, from 1:00-2:45p.m.

Please contact the school office at 708-672-5969 to reserve a spot for your child.

Lent Worship Services

May the Lord bless you as you contemplate the tremendous price Jesus paid for your sins and rejoice in His victory on Easter morning. If you wish to join us in worship, services are as follows.

Lent Services at Trinity & Zion @ 3:30 PM & 7 PM:

  • Wednesday, February 21
  • WednesdayFebruary 28
  • WednesdayMarch 7
  • WednesdayMarch 14
  • WednesdayMarch 21 

Band Fest

ILHS is looking for people to house students from several WELS High Schools for the 2018 Regional Band Fest, March 8-11. There is a need for approximately 20-25 host families.  

Host families will be responsible for providing breakfast on Friday and Saturday morning and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Host families will also need to transport students to and from ILHS on Friday and Saturday and to ILHS on Sunday afternoon for the concert. Most students will arrive Thursday night and will need to be picked up from ILHS when they arrive. 

If you can house students, but are not able to transport to and from ILHS, transportation may be able to be arranged. Although a schedule has not been finalized, a typical day for the students would start at 8 AM and end around 9 PM. If you are able to house 2-4 students for this event, please contact Anita Willitz (Zion), Liz Kuschel (Trinity) or Ruth Junker (Housing Coordinator). 

Thank You

A BIG thank you to everyone who supported our school book fair. It was a HUGE success! We were able to get 3 boxes of books added to our school library. Thank you to everyone who set up the book fair, helped during the week with sales and wish lists, take down the book fair and move boxes upstairs. Thank you everyone!

Keep Reading

Don’t forget to turn in your Six Flags reading logs by Feb. 27, 2018

Safety First

With the recent snow events causing us some challenges, it is an important time for us to remind everyone we should not be parking directly in front of the school building in the morning.  This has been challenging because the snow plow drivers did not do us any great favors by covering up the yellow posts and by not plowing a portion of the parking area.  Add to that the Book Fair was going on and we hosted Literacy Night and Valentine’s parties, and we can understand why we have had more people parking in front of school than in the recent past.  One day last week we had 5 cars parked in the area in front of school and a line of 7 cars trying to drop off students one car at a time.  It is important to remember that we do not want you to park in that area so that the drop off can be completed smoothly.  Additionally, without parked cars in the drop off area, we can be more certain that no students will come darting out from in between parked cars into the flow of traffic.  So, this is an important reminder that we should not be parking in the area east of the pile of snow or the yellow posts in front of school.  This is being done for the safety of all of our students.

2017 Tuition Information for Tax Filing

Do you need a summary of tuition you paid for your 2017 tax filing? You can retrieve and print a summary of payments from FACTS.

  • Login to your FACTS account
  • Click on Actions, View Details
  • Click on the Payments tab
  • Click on View Printable Payment Summary
  • Select the correct year from the drop down menu before you print your summary 


We do have an aftercare program which operates from 3:00 to 6:00.  For the first 30 minutes the students are expected to either be doing homework or reading a book quietly.  After this time they are able to play games, play outside, or play in the gym depending upon weather and availability.  If you would like to learn more about our aftercare program, please contact the school office.

Fitness Premier

Fitness Premier is offering a fitness initiative to families of Illinois Lutheran Schools and supporting congregations. Use the promo code ILS to receive your discounted rate of $19.95/month (per person), with a yearly fee of $39. This is a limited time offer, so be sure to sign up soon!

Hot Lunch

The March 2018 Hot Lunch Form is  available online or in the school office. Please have March Hot Lunch Forms turned in by Wednesday, Feb. 21st

Remember that weekly orders are due the Friday PRIOR to the week you are ordering. Same day hot lunch orders (orders placed at the window or turned into the office the day of the hot lunch they are ordering), will be increased to $4 for single orders and $4.75 for double orders. Thank you!

 February Hot Lunch Menu

 March Hot Lunch Menu

Pizza Day

Remember that Pizza Day orders are due Thursday.  The Pizza Day Order Form is available online or in the school office. All completed forms must include the dates you are ordering. (ie. day, month, semester) 

 Pizza Day Order Form

Can You Lend a Hand?

Also, CPA is in need of servers on for Pizza Day. You can sign-up to volunteer below. Thank You!

Pizza Day Help Sign-Up


Golden Opportunities

Golden Opportunity Books are now  discounted at the price of $15.00 each. There are still Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana books available. These can be purchased at the elementary school office.  

 Carson’s Community Days

We are now selling the Carson Community Days coupon books for $5 each (Illinois Lutheran receives all of the proceeds). They are available at both offices. You can also order the book online, using the link below. The coupon book includes a $10 off a $10 purchase, plus a reusable 30% off any regular/sale item and 30% off a yellow dot item, as well as another 45 pages of coupons to use. Buy yours today and help support Illinois Lutheran!

Order Your Book Online 

Gala Tickets are on Sale

The GALA event is fast approaching.  The Illinois Lutheran School GALA will be held on Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 6:30 PM – 11:00 PM at Tuscany Falls Banquet Center in Mokena, IL. Tickets are now on sale at the either school office. Tickets are $75.00 each and include dinner and open bar from 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM. Just your attendance helps support IL Lutheran Schools!

For more details on the GALA event click on the link below. 

GALA Event Details 

Buy Gala Tickets



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