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Academic Excellence
Illinois Lutheran Schools provide a strong, Christ-centered curriculum that serves students from 3-years-old through 12th grade. Our curriculum challenges gifted students and allows those students needing extra help the opportunity to thrive. The core areas of English, social studies, science, mathematics and foreign language are supplemented with strong programs in religion, physical education and the arts.Graduates of Illinois Lutheran go on to many well-known colleges and universities.

Here are some of the colleges and universities in your future.

Many of our seniors qualify for academic scholarships. Graduates go on to successful careers as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, pastors and successful independent business owners. They become active members in their communities and churches.

Meet Our Principal, Mr. Joe Archer
Mr. Joe E. Archer is the Principal of Illinois Lutheran Junior High and High School. He has 39 years of administration and teaching experience and began his current position at Illinois Lutheran High School in 1995. He has served as school system administrator and currently serves as principal of the high school and junior high. Mr. Archer provides spiritual leadership and works closely with boards and committees to develop and implement programs and policies that are in keeping with the school’s strong Biblical foundations, goals, and objectives.Our school provides a unique international educational experience. We offer an academically challenging 7th-12th grade curricula firmly founded in God’s Word. Each student will experience a unique homestay experience in which they will be will exposed to our culture, traditions, and beliefs. We strive to provide a family atmosphere where parents, teachers, and students work together as a community of learners to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. We have an International Extended Learning Coordinator who meets with each student daily as they transition to a better mastery of the English language. We stand ready to provide any additional information you may need about our program. Please feel free to contact us at any time and arrange an Educational Success Consultation.

Mr. Spiaser holds a BS from Dr. Martin Luther College, Graduate School Madonna University, Eastern Michigan University, Concordia University Seward, NE. He has served Illinois Lutheran since 1994. 

Illinois Lutheran is a small school that offers a strong college-prep program to its students. My role as a teacher is to prepare students for university-level science classes. As guidance director, I guide them toward the college that will best fit their needs.