First Grade – Mrs. Knoblock

Curriculum Highlights

Christ-Light: Christ-Light studies the major stories of the Bible in chronological order. The study alternates between Old Testament stories. Applying the lessons of these stories to the lives of the students is a very important part of this class. The study of Christian hymns and memory treasures are also part of this class.

Math: Highlights of Saxon Math in the Grade 1 curriculum include working with numbers to 100, learning basic facts, graphing, place value, adding and subtracting two digit numbers (no regrouping) as well as time, skip counting, coin and calendar work.

Reading: In Grade 1, a foundation of reading skills is established which includes phonics, comprehension, vocabulary strategies, and study skills. To teach these skills, a variety of fiction and non-fiction selections are used. Leveled books are also used to meet individual needs. Spelling/vocabulary from the reading selections help students increase their vocabulary and reading fluency.

Phonics: Highlights of Grade 1 phonics are a study of consonants, short and long vowels, consonant blends, endings, digraphs, and contractions.

Handwriting: Grade 1 handwriting focuses on legibly printing all upper and lower case letters as well as numerals 0-20.

English: Grade 1 English introduces grammar skills which include the components of a basic sentence as well as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, capitalization and punctuation. Writing activities include writing a class story, personal narrative, fiction story, description, and instructions.

Science: Grade 1 science focuses on life science and earth science. Highlights include the study of plants, animals, planets, weather, seasons, Earth’s resources and taking care of the earth.

Social Studies: Grade 1 social studies includes rules and laws, where people live, our country and our changing world. Highlights include map and globe work.

Fine Arts: In music, Grade 1 students experience musical performance and the introduction of basic musicianship skills. In art, Grade 1 students study line, shape, and color, creating various projects. The physical education class for Grade 1 focuses on movement, coordination, spatial awareness, teamwork and sportsmanship through various activities and organized games.