Kindergarten – Mrs. Dorn

Kindergarten Curriculum Highlights

Christ-Light: Christ-Light is a study of the major stories of the Bible in chronological order. Each year, we alternate between Old and New Testament stories. Applying the spiritual truth to their lives is a key component. To reinforce this, we use Memory Treasures, which are verses from Scripture.

Math: Saxon Math is used throughout Illinois Lutheran Elementary School. Highlights of the Kindergarten curriculum include identifying the following: numbers to 100, patterns, shapes, money, and parts of a calendar. We learn to solve basic story problems using manipulatives, tell time to the hour, record data, classify and categorize information, and compare temperature and various forms of measurement.

Reading: In Kindergarten, we build the foundation for reading success by focusing on their reading readiness skills. Our lessons reinforce phonemic awareness, shared reading, the alphabet and beginning reading concepts. These include blending sounds to make words, writing the letters, identifying words, sentences and basic punctuation marks, and finally building on their comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Science: Our science curriculum sets up the basis for our future science classes. We study life science topics such as using our five senses to discover the world around us and the study of plant and animal life. We also begin a study of the Earth, learning how to take care of it and the seasons and weather we experience.

Social Studies: We study general Social Studies concepts like their first look at maps and globes, understanding where we live, family history and American holidays. We also place an emphasis on being good citizens and workers in our communities.

Fine Arts: In Kindergarten we use music to praise our Lord, release energy, and as a tool for memorizing Memory Treasures and other concepts in various classes. We explore the basics of music through the use of recordings, classroom instruments, and movement. In physical education class we strive to acquire basic physical fitness skills and coordination of our gross motor skills through fundamental movement and games. In art we learn to enjoy various forms of art using the elements of art such as line, shape, color and texture. We build on their abilities to be creative and express themselves.