A Brief History of Illinois Lutheran Schools

The origins of Illinois Lutheran date back over 80 years. From their early beginnings, our two congregations, Zion Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran, highly valued Christian education. Out of love and concern for the spiritual and academic training of their children, both supported Christian Day Schools throughout the history of their congregations. Over time, the two congregations worked to develop a joint school system. In 1987, the congregations expanded their educational ministry and started Illinois Lutheran High School. In 1994, both the elementary school and high school were united under one governing body known as Crete Lutheran Schools.

Over the past decade, the school developed into a complete Pre-K through 12th grade school system known today as Illinois Lutheran Schools, Inc. To this day, the two congregations still support over 20% of the operating budget of the school and provide the buildings in which the schools are housed. From those small beginnings, Illinois Lutheran Schools developed into a thriving school of over 350 students and 26 faculty members.