2nd Grade – Mrs. Kjenstad

Weekly Assignments for Mrs. Kjenstad’s 2nd Grade Class


Mrs. Jessica Kjenstad grew up in Zion, Illinois and graduated from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. Mrs. Kjenstad teaches second grade. She also coaches junior high girls’ basketball. She has been at Illinois Lutheran since 2002.

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching, she said, “I love sharing Jesus with my students and getting them excited about reading books.”
When not at school Mrs. Kjenstad enjoys being with her family, reading, shopping, and watching sports. Mrs. Kjenstad and her husband, Mark, have two children: Ryen and Reah.

Curriculum Highlights

Christ-Light studies the major stories of the Bible in chronological order. The study alternates between Old Testament and New Testament stories. Applying the lessons of these stories to the lives of the students is a very important part of this class. The study of Christian hymns and Memory Treasures is also part of this class.

Saxon Math is used throughout Illinois Lutheran Elementary School. Highlights of the Grade 2 curriculum include learning basic addition and subtraction facts, adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers, graphing, time, money, place value, skip counting, problem solving strategies and calendar work. Also included in its coursework are beginning multiplication and division skills.

In Grade 2 we continue to build a foundation of reading skills which includes phonics, comprehension, vocabulary strategies and study skills. We use a variety of fiction and non-fiction stories to teach these skills. Leveled books are used for small group instruction to meet individual needs. Spelling and vocabulary from the reading selections help students increase their vocabulary and reading fluency.

Grade 2 phonics focuses on beginning and ending sounds, long and short vowels, digraphs, blends, endings, suffixes, vowel pairs, vowel digraphs and contractions.

Grade 2 English continues to focus on the six basic parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, and preposition). Writing activities include personal narratives, a fiction story, writing instructions and writing a description.

Grade 2 science focuses on life science and earth science. Highlights include the study of plants, animals, habitats, weather, planets, matter, energy, and simple machines.

Social Studies
Grade 2 social studies focuses on our government, our world, using Earth’s resources, people long ago, culture and diversity, and the marketplace. Highlights include map and globe work.

Fine Arts
In music, the Grade 2 students have the opportunity to experience personal musical performance and the introduction of basic musicianship skills. During the Grade 2 art class students study line, shape and color to create various projects. The physical education class for Grade 2 concentrates on movement, coordination, spatial awareness, teamwork and sportsmanship through many different activities and games.