What People Say About Illinois Lutheran

Our Parents

“Attending a private school is a personal choice for every family and I would like to share with you my story. I never attended Illinois Lutheran as a child, I was raised in the Crete Public School system. I had a wonderful experience, with amazing friends, and received a great education. In fact, I was raised Catholic. In my teen years, 19xx something, I met my husband and was introduced to Zion Lutheran Church. He was an Alumni of Zion K-8 School. I became a member of Zion, we were married in Zion, and our son was Baptized in Zion. When it came time to make a decision about where to send our son to school, there was no question we would be sending him to Illinois Lutheran. For me, it was a new experience…small facility, small class size. It took me all of a day to fall in love with ILS. It was simply amazing for me to watch him grow in Christ. Reciting his memory work was our favorite part of the evening….Sharing with me his love for God. Sharing with me his undeniable faith in everlasting life. It is this experience that has me fully in! Fully in support of our school reaching its pursuit for excellence. My family is very blessed for the opportunity to attend ILS, in our home town, at a very affordable rate. We are blessed with amazing faculty, who truly love their jobs and teaching our children. We could not be happier.” Current ILS Parent

“Obviously, God’s Word is the absolute most important thing the school offers. But after that, the most important thing to me has been the care and concern of staff towards the students. More important than anything they can ever teach, they set wonderful Christian examples, show their care and concern, are wonderful role models, and help prepare them for life in general. I have been very impressed with the World Views class and Christian Ethics class that my son is taking. From our discussions about these that he initiates, I can tell that they are definitely making the students think deeper about some of the issues and topics. He truly enjoys having Mr. Rimpel as the teacher, much as I did when I went to Trinity. I very much like PowerSchool and the opportunity to keep up to date with what is happening. I am very pleased that community service is promoted. In fact, I actually think the required hours are rather low and should be higher. The school “lives” a great example of helping others in need, such as on the mission trips, food pantry collections, missionary support, etc. It appears that the school continually tries to add extra-curricular sports and/or activities. The school’s support/assistance of the scholarship program has been outstanding! I very much appreciated how the school handled the Walk Out.” Current ILS Parent

“My children are in the best possible environment for their faith based education. The school staff and teachers go above and beyond for the benefit of our kids. The quality of the education that they are receiving is phenomenal.” Current ILS Parent

“The presence of God in the teaching in the school. The relationship between the faculty and the parents feels like family. They really seem to care about my child.” Current ILS Parent

“The culture and climate of the school are centered around the love of Christ, academic expectations are high, and there are plenty of opportunities for children to participate in co-curricular activities.” Current ILS Parent

Our Alumni

“I have been interning with ESPN Deportes this summer, which is the Spanish version of ESPN. It has been so awesome! I get to do a little bit of everything for them. I do a lot of translating, commercial writing, and event planning. On Saturdays, I help produce “En La Jugada”, a weekly Spanish sports show that ESPN Deportes broadcasts. I also get to go to the Brewers games and help with the Spanish radio play by play, and then interview the players after the games. It’s pretty cool! A few days ago they offered me a continuation of my internship into the Fall semester. I am pretty confident this will lead to a position with ESPN after I graduate. The teachers I had at ILHS have had a huge impact on my life. Mrs. McKey taught every day with so much passion, and that caused me to develop a passion for Spanish as well. All of the teachers taught me to always use my skills to help others, and live my life for Christ, not just for myself. I have tried my best to do that so far, and I will continue to do the same in the future!” Alex, Class of 2010

“I loved high school! I loved it then and I love it now; I miss it. Many people will disagree with me, and that’s alright, I’ve never been one to follow the crowd and I think ILHS helped me with that. One of the easiest things to point out of not following the crowd was by choosing ILHS and the grade school my whole life. I enjoyed going to a small private school where everyone knew each other–students, faculty, and even parents. It was nice having teachers welcoming me into school every day, calling me by name, knowing that I was in sports and wondering how the team did the day before.” Evan, Class of 2013

Our Students

“Our school is Christian and we learn about Jesus every single day and we won’t be judged on any questions we have about him because we want to learn more and more about him. The teachers are very nice and will eagerly help you with homework and personal matters, which I think is really good.”

“I really like the relationships that we have with our teachers in the way that we can talk to them whenever we need to. I love the size of our school because we are able to get to know everybody. The most important reason is the Christian environment at this school and how it teaches you to grow up as a God-fearing man or woman.”

“The sense of community and family in the school is incredible. You receive individual attention and participate in a variety of extracurriculars.”

“The teachers are caring and try to help the students with their special needs. The Christian atmosphere and daily contact with God’s Word is important for (our) spiritual growth.”