ILS SCRIP Program/RaiseRight

Purchase gift cards for everyday expenses, and earn credit towards your child’s tuition and Illinois Lutheran.

Check out the RaiseRight website!

Our SCRIP program is one of the main fundraisers that supports CPA. Since the SCRIP Program began in 2009, we have sold over $3,700,000 in SCRIP Cards and earned over $171,000 in rebates! More than $82,000 has gone back to individual families to help pay for their tuition bill or to the ILS Tuition Assistance Program. Please consider helping CPA, while at the same time earning some tuition rebates! A little bit can go a long way and all you have to do is start purchasing your gas and groceries with SCRIP Cards instead of using cash or credit cards.

What is SCRIP?

  • ILS purchases gift cards from retailers at a discount and then sells them to ILS supporters at full face value.
  • Families buy the gift cards at full face value and redeem them for full face value. The goal is for you to purchase SCRIP and use it in place of money when you go shopping. You can use SCRIP to pay for everyday expenses like food, clothing, gas and other essentials.
  • ILS gets the difference as revenue. The discount amount varies from 2%-25%, depending on the retailer.
  • This also generates support for tuition assistance and other school programs.
  • SCRIP is a way to earn credit towards a student’s ILS tuition account.
  • You can support school programs and cut tuition costs without spending a penny more than you normally would!

What will happen to the proceeds?

The income generated by the purchase of SCRIP will be split 60/30/10: 60% of the revenue will be applied to a current ILS student’s tuition of your choice or to the General Tuition Assistance Fund, 30% of the revenue will be given to the Charger Parent Association (CPA), and 10% of the revenue will be used for administrative costs of the program.

Example: The revenue from the use of Jewel Osco SCRIP is 4%. The purchase of $100 of Jewel SCRIP will generate $4 in revenue. $2.40 would be credited to the participating account holder’s tuition account or the General Tuition Assistance Fund, $1.20 would be designated to support CPA, and $.40 would be designated for the administrative costs.

How do I enroll in the program?

  1. Call the school office at 708.672.3262 or email us at so we can supply you with the ILS SCRIP Enrollment Code.
  2. Once you have the ILS SCRIP Enrollment Code, set up an account at or download the RaiseRight App (available for Apple or Android).
  3. Fill out and return the ILS SCRIP Enrollment Form to either school office.
  4. All of these steps need to be completed before any credit can be applied to a specific student’s tuition account.

When are orders due?

All orders are due Mondays at 12:00 PM.

How do I place my order?

After you have enrolled, go to the website, select the cards you want to purchase and follow the prompts to place your order.

How do I pay for my order?

  1. Pay with cash or check – when using this option, please print a receipt after placing your order online. The payment and receipt must be dropped off in the SCRIP lock box located at either school office by 8:00 AM on Mondays.
  2. Pay using a secure electronic checking withdrawal service called Presto Pay and the payment will be taken directly from your checking account. You can set up your Presto Pay account on the website or through the RaiseRight App (available for Apple or Android.(Please sign up for Presto Pay at least one week before you plan to place your first order to allow time for the verification process.) There is also an option to pay with a credit card for a small convenience fee.

When and how will I get my order?

  1. Orders will be ready for pick up/delivery every Friday by 11:00 AM.
  2. Preference of delivery and signature authorization must be completed on the enrollment form.
  3. You can have orders sent home with a specified student (PreK-6th Grade) or pick up your order in either school office.
  4. JH/HS students will be allowed to pick up orders in the high school office upon signing that they picked up your order.
  5. There are also many retailers that allow you to enjoy ScripNow, which will deliver ecards to your account in minutes, or you have the option to reload cards that you have already purchased.

Can relatives and friends order online and help reduce my child’s tuition costs?

Yes, they just need to follow the two steps of enrollment listed before. However, SCRIP orders will not be mailed, so arrangements have to be made for pick up/delivery of orders. SCRIP does have an option to have your order mailed directly to you. However, you are responsible for shipping costs.

Can I use SCRIP to make payments on a store’s credit card?

Kohl’s is presently the only store that allows you to use SCRIP to pay off the balance on your Kohl’s credit card.

I have a question about the ILS SCRIP program, who do I contact?

Please send an email to