Junior High

Illinois Lutheran provides a unique, Christian experience for the junior high years. During this important time in life, students are transitioning between elementary school and high school. They face many challenges academically, socially and spiritually. At Illinois Lutheran we provide a strong academic program that prepares them for the rigor of a strong high school program. We provide social activities the helps them mature and develop as a young Christians. Most importantly we provide them with the spiritual training that prepares them for the big questions that life will bring. It is only from the Bible that we can truly learn where we came from, why we are here and where we will go after we die.


Illinois Lutheran Junior High provides a solid academic program. Writing and critical thinking skills are emphasized in a friendly, family-like atmosphere that allows students to grow and mature physically, emotionally and spiritually. Caring, qualified teachers work with students to develop the skill foundation needed for a successful high school experience. Click here to review our junior high curriculum.

Athletics & Activities

Illinois Lutheran Junior High provides a variety of co-curricular activities. Sports include soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, cheerleading, and softball. We provide a junior high band program, have an annual drama presentation, and participate in a forensics meets. We participate in the state spelling bee and geography contests. All junior high students are involved in the arts with music, art, and physical education classes. Student activities outside the classroom include field trips to Springfield, the Creation Museum, and the Robert Crown Center.