Return to Learn Plans 2021

July 20, 2021

At this month’s board meeting, the Illinois Lutheran Schools’ Board of Directors approved an adaptive health and safety policy in regards to mitigations for COVID-19. The approach states that, in conjunction with the local health department, ILS will closely monitor local conditions and remove or apply mitigations as those conditions allow. If school were to begin today, the mitigations that would be in place are as follows:
1. Social distancing of at least three feet.
2. Continued emphasis on proper hygiene and hand-washing.
3. Continued concentrated efforts for sanitizing.
We feel that at this time the local conditions are favorable for a mask-optional environment while strictly following the other mitigations. ILS will have the ability to add or remove safety mitigations quickly based on changes in available data, or if local or state agencies feel a mandate would be necessary.
All of us are looking forward to the start of the new school year in August! Continue to have a safe and happy summer! Questions? Please contact Mr. Duane Vance, Executive Director of Illinois Lutheran Schools at or 708.672.3262, ext. 119.

Elementary School (PreK – 6th Grade)

Junior High & High School (7th – 12th Grade)