Illinois Lutheran High School offers students an opportunity to perform on stage two times a year. The director chooses from a variety of styles including children’s theater, full-length humorous or serious plays, and musicals. Under the direction of Mr. Caleb Paul, the students participate in drama activities, learn acting theory, practice vocal and dance skills and stylings, build an awareness and appreciation for the varied gifts of God’s children and work as a team to use those gifts to God’s glory. Not only do students perform, but the behind the scenes team consists of students assisting with sound and lights; stage and prop management; artistic design, construction and painting; costumes; and hair and makeup.

Students involved in theater and drama activities build social and communication skills, build confidence in their abilities on and off the stage, and improve reading comprehension and understanding of complex texts and ideas.

Students participating in drama are invited to attend the Illinois High School Theatre Festival in January.

Call 708.672.3262 for showtimes and directions. Performances are held at the elementary school building, located at 448 Cass Street in Crete, IL.

Questions? Contact Mr. Caleb Paul at cpaul@ilhs.org or 708.672.3262, ext. 102.