Dear ILS Supporter,

Thank you for partnering with Illinois Lutheran Schools as we empower students to be bold, confident Christian leaders in our world. We are so appreciative of your support in delivering quality, Christian education to our community.

God has blessed Illinois Lutheran in many ways through this unprecedented pandemic. New, innovative online teaching resources and delivery systems were quickly developed last spring to maintain learning through the school year. Your teachers, administrators, and the school board continue to collaborate on quality academic instruction as we start the new school year.

Unfortunately, many families in our school community have been impacted financially by COVID-19 work disruptions resulting in extraordinary needs for financial assistance. On an average year, Illinois Lutheran distributes $150,000-$160,000 in tuition assistance. This year, we plan to provide $220,000 to those in need. The total need could exceed $400,000.

As we continue to respond to requests, we believe your support can be part of the solution. Please contact me if you would like to further discuss how your gifts can be used to help families who have been impacted.

Please pray for all of our efforts as we begin our school year. May God grant us grace and success as we are “Growing in Grace, and Building in Faith” daily.

In Christ our Risen Lord,

Duane Vance
Executive Director
Illinois Lutheran Schools, Inc.
708.672.3262 ext. 119