Building on the Rock Capital Campaign

Friends of Illinois Lutheran Schools,

For more than 150 years, you have entrusted this community with the privilege of providing our children a quality, Christian education in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our purpose – sharing the saving news of Jesus – has never wavered, but the means of carrying out our mission have evolved. In 1968, a two-story addition bolstered the original 1922 building at our elementary campus. Our junior high and high school campus added a gymnasium in 1978 and a significant expansion in 2004 driven by Trinity and Zion Lutheran churches.

We now have an opportunity at ILS to continue adapting, growing and expanding through our Building on the Rock campaign.

Co-curricular programs at ILS have exceeded the space and time available. What a blessing that we are able to provide so many opportunities to our students! However, we must respond with a facility that is both an immediate solution and one that is designed to assist continued growth.

Two more goals in this campaign are replenishing the Endowment Fund and completing renovations at our elementary campus. These priorities will secure the long-term stability of ILS and support the excellence of Christian education in Crete.

Time and time again, God has blessed our ministry through our churches and community. We are excited to join together once more to help Illinois Lutheran Schools flourish into the future.

Why Build?

The gymnasium at the junior high and high school, built by Zion Lutheran in 1978, has served as a vital part of the ILS ministry. The facility is a testament to the value of foresight and durable construction.

While the existing gym remains a valuable piece of the future at Illinois Lutheran, our co-curricular programs have expanded beyond its capacity.

The solution to this challenge is building an Activities Center, which will significantly increase the capacity and appeal of our facilities and the time our students can spend with their families.

The addition will include two regulation basketball and volleyball courts, batting cages, a greater indoor running space, an expanded weight room and additional storage.

Not only will the Activities Center enhance ILS, Zion, Trinity and their programs, the facility will also be one of the largest event spaces in Crete. The venue can host church functions, Band and Choral Fests, summer programs and community events, serving as a primary outreach tool.

The addition will ensure Illinois Lutheran is better prepared to support activities that bring both our churches and community together.

Concept by Legacy Builders

To complete these projects within the campaign, the estimated cost is $3 million.

“The generation before may have felt like they were giving to brick and mortar, but they were actually giving to the gospel ministry that impacted my life.” Stephen Apt, ILHS Class of 2007

Estimated Timeline

Decisions will be made regarding the beginning of construction at the appropriate time with respect to gifts, pledges and debt tolerance. Pledges may be scheduled over multiple years.

Gift Phase – August 2023 – January 2025
ILS Gala – October 2024
Construction – Spring 2025
Occupancy – August 2026

Pledge Levels

Cornerstone – $75,000+
Transformational – $25,000 up to $75,000
Foundational – $10,000 up to $25,000
Pillar – $1,000 up to $10,000

Endowment Fund

More than 20 years ago, a generous gift from the Moeller family established the Endowment Fund. Illinois Lutheran has used this blessing to support the annual budget and projects. Most recently, the ILS Delegates approved a loan to support the upgrades and renovations that have improved the security and function of the elementary campus. To best secure the future of Illinois Lutheran, it is imperative to replenish the Endowment Fund.

Elementary Renovation

Phase 1 of the project at the elementary campus included improvements to the electrical, heating, plumbing and security systems, along with an improved entryway and office space to modernize the building. Phase 2 entails repairing the roof and other upgrades to the classrooms, ensuring that ILS offers both a safe and appealing facility.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how you can support this campaign, please contact our Senior Administrator, Mr. Matt Moeller at or 708.672.3262, ext. 105. We appreciate your support!