Academic Excellence

Illinois Lutheran Schools provide a strong, Christ-centered curriculum that serves students from 3-years-old through 12th grade. Our curriculum challenges gifted students and allows those students needing extra help the opportunity to thrive. The core areas of English, social studies, science, mathematics and foreign language are supplemented with strong programs in religion, physical education and the arts.

Graduates of Illinois Lutheran go on to many well-known colleges and universities. Many of our seniors qualify for academic scholarships. Graduates go on to successful careers as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, pastors and successful independent business owners. They become active members in their communities and churches.

Illinois Lutheran Information:

  • 100% High School Graduation Rate
  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 11 to 1
  • Average Class Size: 15
  • Students from 27 Illinois & Indiana Cities
  • Students from 2 Countries
  • Higher Average ACT Score than Illinois & United States